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News and reminders for Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Marching Band and Concert Band

Summer Band Packet

Please download the summer packet of forms. All forms must be returned to me by July 15, 2013. I will be using our school's PowerSchool system to provide all contact information so when you do your emergency information card for the school, please allow permission for parent group permissions. Otherwise, I'll need to contact you individually to get your information.

Other forms/information in the packet will be:

  1. Medical Form.
  2. Extra-curricular Agreement.
  3. Uniform Information.
  4. Email permission /Fundraising /Uniform Contract.
  5. Activity Fee Notice /An invitation to new or interested band parents to an informational meeting about all the "how to's" of the program.
  6. AB Friends of Music Membership registration.
  7. ABFOM Volunteer request.
  8. CORI Information.
  9. The Music Department Schedule.

Seems like a lot of "stuff" but it is pretty painless and once it's's done!

Mr. Hickey

ABRHS Undergrad Band Uniform Return 2013

Hello Everyone,

Below are uniform return instructions for undergraduates. All uniforms must be returned to the school for the summer, whether you are continuing in band next year or not. Collection times are:

Thursday, June 6th: 2:30 - 4:30
Tuesday, June 11th: 6:00 - 8:00


Between May 28th and June 6th:

1. Machine wash and line dry your raincoat. Turn it inside out for washing and drying. Remember that it takes up to three days for the raincoat to completely dry. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

2. Take your band jacket and pants to get dry cleaned. Remember to remove gold cords and black neck liner for dry cleaning.

The instructions for cleaning of the uniforms are available for review on the website.

On collection day:

3. Bring your jacket (with gold cords and black neck liner) and pants in the dry cleaner's bag to the closet. Bring your fully dry raincoat as well.

4. You get to keep your garment bag, shoes, gloves, dirty tee shirts and socks.

If you cannot make one of the times above, it is your responsibility to contact the Uniform Committee to make other arrangements.

Volunteers Needed: Parents we could use some help with the collection process. Please respond to if you can help.

Have a great end of the year,

Pam Shields (Pincumbe), Patty Geckler, and Terri Carotenuto


Hello Everyone, and Congratulations Seniors!

Well, the concert is over and it's time to start thinking about the Memorial Day Parade and Uniform Returns!

Below you will find directions for uniform return procedures for seniors. Instructions and return times for underclassmen will be sent out separately.

Please note: only seniors marching in the parade are allowed to return band uniforms uncleaned. Any seniors not marching in the parade will need to return their uniforms dry cleaned and in the dry cleaner's bag.


1. Machine wash and line dry your raincoat sooner rather than later. Turn it inside out for washing and drying. Remember that it takes up to three days for the raincoat to completely dry. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

2. Immediately after the Memorial Day Parade, bring your uniform into the collection area in the band hallway. Don't forget to bring something to change into.

3. Turn in all of your uniform pieces (uniform jacket, uniform pants, hat in its hat box, and raincoat) as well as a $10.00 check (made out to "ABFOM") or cash for cleaning.

4. You get to keep your garment bag, shoes, gloves, dirty tee shirts and socks.

You may donate your shoes if they are in good condition.


6. If you are not marching, please make arrangements with the uniform committee to return your uniform dry cleaned before graduation.

The instructions for cleaning of the uniforms are available for review on the website.

You are then responsible for having each piece of the uniform dry cleaned and for washing the raincoat. Pieces must be returned in the dry cleaner's bag.

Volunteers Needed: Parents, we could use some help with the collection process. Please respond to: if you can help.
Have a great end of the year,

Mrs. Teverovsky, Mrs. Carotenuto, and Mrs. Geckler

Washington Trip Links

DC notices

Time to start gearing up for the DC trip...if you haven't already!  The long range weather looks pretty good! Sun and Clouds, highs in the mid to upper 60's....nice parade weather!!!  

2 things....First, please sign up for which bus you would like to ride on.  This will help to avoid a little chaos when we load the buses in the morning.  I will require that we have a balance on each bus.  Lists are posted on my office door.

Second, please plan to arrive on next Thursday morning, 4/12/12, at 5:45am. - - Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed! (for those who want to know where this phrase originated...Bright-eyed and Bushy-Tailed comes direct and intact from the classic Fox Hunt. A fox with dull or cloudy eyes or a limp, listless ungroomed tail is one in poor health and will not provide a good active challenging chase over a long course.)

Mark Hickey

Washington D.C. Announcements

Washington D.C. Informational Meeting
The meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, at 7pm, in the ABRHS Auditorium. Participating students and at least one parent should plan to attend. We will discuss the itinerary and needs of the trip, as well as the rules and expectations. One informational packet per family will be provided at the meeting. I look forward to greeting you all there!!!

Final D.C. payments are due Friday, February 15th

The trip cost per student is $475. Thank you for your previous payments. Final balances due have been posted in the band room. Please be sure to make your final payments payable to ABFOM no later than Friday, February 15, 2012. Thank You for your prompt management of this!!
The trip is shaping up to be a truly special event! I have recently learned that our application to do a performance at the Jefferson Memorial has been approved! If the blossoms are cooperating, it will be a magnificent setting for our performance!

Also want to give the kids one more reminder...if you haven't given me your order for your t-shirt (included in the trip cost), you have until Monday. Otherwise I will order your shirt for you. I need your name, choice of a pink or black t-shirt and your size.

Thank You and Have a Great Weekend!
Mark Hickey

Tuxedo shirt or band shoe issues?

I will be placing an order for tuxedo shirts and band shoes during the December holiday. If you need a new tuxedo shirt - you've outgrown your old one, the brand new one you just got is too big/small, etc. - please email me as soon as possible. New shirts can be exchanged. Replacement shirts cost $17.50, payable to ABFOM. Student accounts can be used.

Band shoes cost $31, also payable to ABFOM or by student account. If you need to try on shoes to determine the right size, I will be at the closet this Tuesday (December 20th) during 8th period.

And one final reminder - if you haven't dry cleaned your marching band uniform yet, don't put it off any longer!

Mrs. Teverovsky

Band Uniform - Care Instructions and Other Information

Announcements from the ABFOM Uniform Committee
What an amazing season we had! Now, after this weekend's great performances, it's time to put away your band uniform until April. Here's what you need to do:

1. Get your uniform dry cleaned NOW, not in April. You've sweated, you've knelt in mud, you've sat on not-so-clean bleachers, you've drunk hot chocolate. Do not let stains, dirt, and odors set in - get that uniform clean before you stash it away. (See instructions for dry cleaning at the end of this email.)

2. Clean out your garment bag. Take out all the gloves, t-shirts, socks, etc. Wash and dry them before returning them to your bag.

A little attention now will keep your uniform looking like new!


Are You Missing Your Shoes?

A pair of smallish shoes was left on Bus 2 yesterday. This particular pair had some orthotics in them. If they are yours, please see Mr. Hickey.

Everyone, please label your shoes if you haven't done so.


Tuxedo Shirts for Concert Band

Mr. Hickey will be distributing tuxedo shirts to those of you who ordered one during band camp but have not received it yet.


Reminders for dry cleaning:

  • Remove the gold cords before dropping off the jacket at the cleaners. Replace them once you get the jacket back.
  • Remove the black neck guard (snapped in the inside of the neck band) before dropping of the jacket at the cleaners. The guard is safe for dry cleaning, but can come loose during cleaning. Some have been lost this way. We recommend removing the guard and machine washing it, cold, gentle cycle and hanging to dry. Hand washing is fine too.
  • Check the buttons after you pick up the uniform. If you are missing any, please contact Mrs. Teverovsky as soon as possible.
  • Colonial Valet on 2A in Acton (next to the Donelan's and Learning Express) offers a special rate for dry cleaning AB band uniforms, and frankly does the best job. If you are using a different dry cleaner, point out any stains to them at the drop-off.

If you have any questions, please email.

Mrs. Teverovsky, Mrs. Geckler, and Mrs. Carotenuto

Washington D.C. permission slips/call for chaperones 

This note is to request all band members to return their permission slips for our Washington D.C. trip next spring ASAP. The first payment is not due till November 1st, but I need to know who is planning to come along now.

Call for Chaperones

Any person who would like to serve as chaperone for the band's trip to Washington D.C., please send me an email to express your interest and availability (April 12 thru 15, 2012). We need both men and women chaperones. I use the word "serve" because this is no joy ride for director or chaperone...we will work hard for the group to see that all are safe. Though we will work hard, there will be a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment form the experience.

I will be planning to take between 12 and 15 chaperones, depending on the number of band members who sign up for the trip. I will choose the chaperones form the list created by your responses and will weigh a number of factors into my selections. We'll be needing folks with brains and/or brawn ;-), folks with medical expertise (doctor or nurse), folks who have worked with me in the past (small or not so small ways) and especially folks who enjoy being with kids (everyone of these kids is a great kid...not to worry!)

So, please send me a note if you are willing to chaperone! (See Who's Who for contact info)
Thank You!

Mark Hickey
AB Band Director

The band will be traveling to Washington, D.C. in April 2012 to participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. Please sign and return the permission slip below.

Band Uniform; Important Information you need to know!

  • Bring in your garment bags by Friday - no uniform goes home without one.
  • Friday is Picture Day - bring in band shoes, black socks, and white t-shirts. Long hair needs to be tied back.
  • For all those upperclassmen that are checking if their shoes and tuxedo shirts still fit, the last day to place a shoe or tuxedo shirt order is Thursday. There will be a Uniform person available Wednesday and Thursday during lunch and dinner breaks to take the orders. Shoes are $31 a pair, tuxedo shirts are $17.50 - checks should be made out to ABFOM.

For all new band members and parents, the FAQ document below gives all the information you need to be ready for Picture Day and beyond. New shoes should arrive next week, and will be distributed before the Labor Day parade - listen for announcements.

AB Marching Colonials
UNIFORMS: What You Need to Know
FAQ for New Band Members

Q: What do I do for Picture Day?
A: Friday, the last day of band camp, is Picture Day. When you come in at 9 AM on Friday, come wearing the right kind of shorts, a white t-shirt, and long black socks. If you have long hair, you will need to have it pulled back in a ponytail with a black or brown hair tie. Bring clothes to change into after pictures.
You will pick up your garment bag in the uniform fitting room, and your hat in the corridor outside the band room. Change into your uniform and head up to the field with your instrument and wearing your regular street shoes.
At the field, an ABFOM volunteer will put a plume on your hat. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLUME! If your street shoes are not black, take them off for pictures. After pictures, your plume will be collected by an ABFOM volunteer before you leave the field. Again, do not touch the plume. Let the volunteer remove the plume from your hat.
Afterward, take off your uniform and hang it nicely in your garment bag. You can store your garment bag on the rack for the rest of the day. But remember, YOUR GARMENT BAG GOES HOME WITH YOU AT THE END OF BAND CAMP.
Put your hat back in its box (check the name on the box to make sure it's yours) and put the box in the Uniform Closet.
If you are not sure what to do, follow the lead of an upperclassman - they know the drill. (This is good advice in general.)

Q: What happens with my hat?
A: Your hat never goes home with you. Before each band event, the Drum Majors and other band members set the hat boxes out in the corridor for you pick up. Leave your empty box on the bus for away events and in the band room for home events. (Pit percussion does not wear hats at football games. You do not need to pick yours up for games.)
ABFOM volunteers will put plumes on your hats prior to the event, and will collect them afterward. At football games, the plumes are collected right after the half-time show, before snacks. Remember, no feathers, no food.
While you have your hat, take care of it. If you take it off, set it down right side up, never upside down. Make sure it is in a clean and dry spot. Keep the plume clean - do not let it touch the ground or brush against anything. And again, don't touch the plume.
Once you return to the school, put the hat into its box and take the box to the Uniform Closet. Do not leave it in the band room for Mr. Hickey to find.

Q: Do I always need to bring my raincoat?
A: Yes. When you report for a band event, bring your garment bag with jacket, pants, and raincoat. Sousaphones, bring your beret. Everyone, bring your shoes and gloves, and wear the right kind of shorts, long black socks, and a white t-shirt. Long hair needs to be tied back with a black or brown hair tie.

Q: I forgot/lost/misplaced my gloves/shoes/white t-shirt/black socks. What do I do?
A: Everyone has a bad day once in a while. If you forget something, come see us in the Uniform Closet before the event. We have loaners of just about anything you may need. But do try not to make a habit of it - we keep track.
Also, we always have new gloves for sale - most people like to wear new pairs for MICCA.

Q: My uniform is getting tight/short. What do I do?
A: Come visit us in the Uniform Closet before the next event, and we'll do our best to fit you better.

Q: Oops, I spilled my hot chocolate on my uniform. Now what?
A: It needs to be cleaned, of course. Jackets and pants are dry clean only. (Take the gold cords and neck guard off the jacket before cleaning.) Show the stain to the dry cleaners - they can make sure it gets out. Raincoats are machine wash, line dry. Detailed information on cleaning can be found at, and you can always email anyone on the Uniform Committee with questions - we're happy to help.
In general, you should get your uniform dry cleaned a few times a season, and definitely before MICCA Finals.





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